Spokane Rotary Club offering scholarships for local high school students

Rotary club awards 7 students college scholarships in 2019

SPOKANE, Wash. — Local high school students with an interest in the arts could be eligible for some scholarships.

Spokane Rotary Club 21 is offering two different scholarships for 13 different Spokane high school students. Scholarships include the Katy Reeves Scholarship and the Youth Services Emerging Artist Award.

The Katy Reeves Scholarship will give $1,000 to three lucky students. The scholarship supports graduating seniors who are pursuing post-secondary education in dance, music (voice or instrumental), or theater. The application deadline is April 29.

The Youth Services Emerging Artist Award will also award cash to selected students. The award will go to 11th graders who show determination, passion, and participation in a variety of art subjects. Students can get nominated for the award by teachers or fellow students, and they can also nominate themselves. Its application deadline is April 7.

Spokane rotary Club says these scholarships are a fantastic way to promote the arts and offer post-secondary education for students in the area.

You can find additional information on the scholarships here.

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