Spokane road extension improves neighborhood safety

Spokane road extension improves neighborhood safety

Spokane city leaders promise a newly opened road connection will save lives and property.

The Barnes Road extension officially opened Thursday, connecting the Indian Trail and Five Mile neighborhoods, starting at Phoebe Street to its intersection with Strong Road. Emergency responders said at the ribbon cutting that this road will help emergency responders reach these neighborhoods faster than ever.

Spokane Fire Department Chief Brian Schaeffer said the completion of this stretch of road will cut response times in half. Dan Torok, with the Spokane Police Department, said this project will help emergency responders save lives.

“It’s good to see this project come together to give us another way in and out. It will cut our time drastically,” Torok said.

Spokane Mayor David Condon said not only will the Barnes Road extension improve response times, but it also connects the neighborhoods. The project includes a bike lane and sidewalk. The entire project cost $1.7 million.