Spokane River overflows into Peaceful Valley neighborhood

Spokane River overflows into Peaceful Valley neighborhood
Flooding in Peaceful Valley

Several people living in Spokane’s Peaceful Valley awoke Monday morning to find their waterfront properties were even closer to the water than the night before.

The City of Spokane dropped off sandbags to help people protect their homes and properties from the rising water. In some areas, water covered yards and streets and the river is not supposed to crest until later this week.

“I’ve never seen it actually flood into town ever or even get near anyone’s house,” said Peaceful Valley resident Caelan Moore.

But, now it is; in some areas, the river now covers 80 feet of roads and yards.

“We’re asking people to obey the detours and not drive in there,” said Marlene Feist with the City of Spokane. “We don’t want anyone’s car floating down the river.”

Those living there can line up sandbags and hope for the best, but there’s not much else they can do to hold back the rising water.

“I should’ve bought a raft,” joked Moore.