Spokane rifle club celebrates inauguration

Spokane rifle club celebrates inauguration

The Spokane Rifle Club held a celebration at their gun range on Friday to honor the new president and our veterans.

President Donald Trump has expressed strong support for the second amendment as well as the need for better care for our veterans.

The president of the Spokane Rifle Club says someone taking office that backs those two things is something worth celebrating, however not all members are on board with our new commander in chief.

“Inauguration celebration is what we have today,” said Bob Orth, President of the Spokane Rifle Association.

Free access to the facilities at the Spokane Rifle Club for veterans in honor of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“It’s like Trump said in his speech, maybe time to start giving back to the veterans, quit forgetting them,” said Hector Martinet, organizer of the event.

Dick Lewis is a gun owner, an army veteran, but not a fan of our new president.

“He doesn’t make me feel good at all,” said Lewis.

So why is Lewis here?

“I shoot Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays regardless of what’s going on,” said Lewis.

The veteran knows that President Trump is a strong supporter of the second amendment but he says that’s only one factor.

“He’s unqualified as far as I’m concerned,” said Lewis.

Lewis has never worried about losing the right to shoot his revolutionary war era rifle.

“The threat of it being taken away has never scared me, no, I figure there’s just… I think Mao Tse Tung said there’s a rifle behind every tree in this country,” said Lewis.

While Lewis hasn’t worried about losing the right to bear arms, other members of the Spokane Rifle Association have.

“There’s a lot of people in politics today that want to take our guns away, infringe upon our rights,” said Orth, “that’s probably one of the reasons President Trump got elected, is because he was so pro gun rights.”

Which is why many people at the celebration are happy to call Donald Trump their President.

“I genuinely think that he’s a man of the people right now,” said Martinet.

“We’re all just hoping that he can fulfill his promises he made during the campaign because you know if he can do that, it’s going to be great again, America is going to be great,” said Orth.

Spokane county Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich also spoke to the veterans and gun owners about the importance of gun rights and accountability in our society.