Spokane residents to receive domestic violence resource flyer with their utility bills

Spokane economy on an upswing after Great Recession

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition is teaming up with the City and the Police Department to provide domestic violence resource flyers with residents’ utility bills.

With tens of thousands of people staying home, the Spokane Police Department recognizes that this could cause problems in certain households.

The City of Spokane is mailing out 85,000 flyers with utility bills, starting the first week in May.

According to the Police Department, funding for the project comes from the Spokane Police Guild and the Innovia Foundation’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Funds.

The Police Department says that domestic violence is historically under-reported, and this could be exacerbated by a months-long stay-home order. Sgt. Jordan Ferguson suggests that part of the reason for this, is that not all victims want to involve law enforcement in their personal lives—this flyer would give them different avenues.

“Every person’s experience is unique. Now, more than ever, as we face outcomes of long-term isolation and resource deprivation, we need to let people know there are diverse options available,” says Annie Murphey, executive director for the DV Coalition, “We strive to be even more collaborative, more focused and more resourceful. There is great strength in our community partnerships, especially when it comes to ending domestic violence.”

The Police Department says if you do not need the resources in this flyer, consider someone else who may. They encourage you to reach out to friends and family, or even keep the flyer handy for someone who might need it.