Spokane residents frustrated with rolling blackouts

SPOKANE, Wash. — Even if you know it’s coming, a power outage in this heat is not easy.

Avista said it notified more than 20,000 people about the rolling blackouts, giving them a 7 hour window of when power would be shut off.

Though they did reach some customers, it didn’t get to everyone affected.

Trish Potts was ready for Tuesday’s blackout living in northeast Spokane. She was hit by the outages on Monday.

“I hadn’t heard what happened until after the fact. It was very frustrating to have the power go down,” he said.

Potts had all her work laptops charged up for the day, anticipating she’d lose power for about an hour.

She’s still working from home, and she was taken by surprise Monday when it went out for hours.

“Being unable to work for three hours was really difficult and then having to make up that time in the evening,” she said.

A little further south from Potts, Brenda Kastelein also knew the lights would go out. She said she was trying to be prepared for the outage, even signing up for Avista notifications Tuesday morning.

She said she didn’t get a notification at all before the power went out.

Kastelein was trying to prepare as much as possible, saying she even listened to Avista about how to conserve energy.

“I’ve done everything they’ve asked me. I’ve took the air conditioner down to 75, I’ve hung my clothes outside. I put tin foil on the windows, blankets on the windows just to keep it cool inside,” she said.

Inside is where the two are staying, hoping they won’t have to deal with any more outages. They’ll take it as it comes, if it does happen again.

“You just have to roll with the punches. As frustrating as it is, you just have to roll with it,” Potts said.

Avista says it plans to have more rolling blackouts over the week and possibly the weekend. It said it’s hoping to give customers a more specific window on when to expect the power outages. A spokesperson also said they plan to rotate through outages in different areas, too.

If you aren’t receiving your notifications from them, Avista says you should update your phone and email on your account.

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