Spokane residents contend with fallen trees, downed power lines

Snow in October is shocking enough, but some Spokane residents are waking up to something much worse.

It is going to be another long night for families in the Rockwood neighborhood, as ponderosa pine tree uprooted and fell, blocking Syringa Road all day long. Homeowners believed the tree was already close to falling anyway, but mother nature gave it an extra push.

On the bright side, nobody was injured – but on the flip side, the road will likely be closed for several days.

“It’s crazy…” says resident Sarah Nielsen. “We heard a loud noise, and I actually thought it might be robbers, or somebody trying to get into our house!”

Turns out, a tree collapsing is a favorable outcome compared to what some residents thought was happening. Nielsen says that she has not had power since late Tuesday night, but it is not their first time dealing with this.

“We might head to the hotel sooner than later – last time, we lasted two nights, but I think we’re looking at just heading out earlier this time,” she says.

The October snow storm was a shock to everyone, but likely none as surprised as Aaron Arias, a Californian experiencing life with snow for the first time ever.

“It’s scary what snow can cause, what could happen overnight,” says Arias. “I didn’t even hear this falling or none of this happening, so when I woke up and came out it was a little scary.”

As if the damage outside was not enough, Arias is also getting his first taste of a power outage.

“[I] got all my sweaters on under a blanket… try to keep as warm as I can,” he says.

He is just trying to find things to keep him busy during the outage. In the meantime, he is merely trying to adjust to life in the Inland Northwest. “[I’ve] never seen this much snow,” he says. “I’ve gone to the mountains in California, not nearly as much… so it’s kind of surprising, but it’s fun.”

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