Spokane Public Schools could install vape detectors on campus

SPOKANE, Wash.– The new school year is almost here, and Spokane Public Schools is dedicating more than $110,000 to installing vape detecting alarms. This is on the district’s agenda this week.

The move to crack down on vaping on local school campuses is underway, and vaping among students has been a national epidemic.

Spokane Public Schools has not been immune to this challenge.

“We did hear some concerns from parents and students, and our main priority is to keep our students safe and really to make them feel like they are safe at our school. That was one of the main reasons why we did this,” said Sandra Jarrard, executive director of communications at Spokane Public Schools.

Every bathroom in Spokane’s middle and high schools will have vape detectors.

Here’s how the vape detection technology works: if a student uses a vape device in a restroom or other area on campus, a sensor picks up on the vapor and sends a digital notification to school officials.

Digital signals like texts and emails will be sent. The camera also can be integrated with the detector on the network.

Local company, Ednetics hopes to see a change in vaping problems on campuses.

“My hope is that it helps to tackle additional educational opportunities for students to actually know what they are doing to themselves for the long-term effects,” said Dave Teague, Director at Ednetics.

However, the decision on whether to install the vape sensors has not been made yet. The vote should happen Wednesday.