Spokane Public Schools set to eliminate librarian positions

Spokane Public Schools set to eliminate librarian positions
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The layoffs issued to 325 Spokane Public Schools employees Thursday, in light of a $31 million budget shortfall, are just the beginning. Spokane Education Association president Katy Henry and SPS spokesperson Brian Coddington told KXLY Sunday even more changes are on the horizon, now that the state has taken over education funding, leaving the district without local levy money.

Coddington said district librarians have been told to brace for next year, when their positions will essentially be eliminated.

According to Coddington, since librarians with Spokane Public Schools are certificated staff, they’ll be eligible to apply for and enter their name into a transfer pool for teaching positions — but there’s no guarantee. These jobs will be awarded based on seniority.

Coddington said students will still have access to libraries, but starting next year, it’s their teachers who will show them around and help them check out books — not librarians.

Henry said there’s even more on the table for SPS employees, but it’s all up in the air at this point. Henry told KXLY the district has alluded to restructuring school days at the elementary level, with possible early release days on Fridays, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Henry said classified staff, including janitors and nutrition service employees, are still waiting to hear if there are layoffs coming their way.

SPS and the SEA will be meeting once again to discuss the changes Monday.

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