Spokane Public Schools looking for input on possible stadium changes

The Spokane Public School District is trying to figure out where to put three new middle schools in order to help lower class sizes.

One idea to help make that happen is making changes to Joe Albi Stadium to make room for one of the schools.

The district is considering two options, but wants input from the public before choosing one.

Option 1: Downsize Joe Albi Stadium

Modernize and downsize the current stadium, which seats 30,000, with a smaller, 5,000 seat stadium in its place.
Renovations would include a new sound system, field surface, lights, concessions, bathrooms, etc.
Build a new middle school on the area that’s currently a dirt parking lot, adjacent to the Merkel Fields.

Option 2: Build a new stadium

A new, 5,000 seat stadium would be built in downtown Spokane, next to the Spokane Arena and what will be the new Sportsplex.
The stadium would have free parking and be used primarily for school events. It would be owned by the school district but operated by the Spokane Public Facility District.
A new middle school would be built at the current site of Joe Albi Stadium and the city would add six more recreational fields on what’s left of the land.
This option would cost $10 million more than option 1.

If you want to weigh in on the options, the district has opened a ‘thought exchange’ survey where you can read more about each idea, give your thoughts on them, and rate other people’s thoughts.

So far, 667 people have left almost 700 thoughts on the survey. Those comments have been rated 26,000 times. The school district asks that you ‘be polite and respectful as you respond.’

You can find the survey here. It’s only available through Friday, July 13.