Spokane Public Schools lays out remote learning options for parents

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s becoming more clear what learning will look like for students at Spokane Public Schools this fall. 

The Spokane School District announced earlier this week it will begin the 2020-2021 school year with full-time remote learning. A reopening plan released by the district details what that means for students. 

A schedule for elementary students shows the school day starting at 8:30 a.m. with a virtual class meeting. All online learning will take place in real time, and students will have an hour break for lunch at noon. 

The day will wrap up at 3 with student and parent access time. 

Secondary students will follow a similar schedule, though it will alternate with three periods a day and time for independent work after lunch. 

Under the Distance Learning Model, parents will have two options: To allow their child to return to the classroom as soon as it is safe to do so, or opt-in for Spokane Virtual Academy.

The deadline for parents to enroll their students in Virtual Academy is August 16. That’s if you want your student to learn remotely for the entire year. 

If schools reopen and parents change their mind, students will be let back in depending on if space is available, according to SPS. 

Governor Inslee released suggestions for returning to the classroom on Wednesday, saying districts in counties with high and moderate risk levels of virus spread should stick to online learning. 

Spokane County is currently considered high risk, with 214 cases per 100,000 over a two-week period.

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