Spokane Public Schools details what class will look like for high schoolers upon return

SPOKANE, Wash. — Parents of high school students at Spokane Public Schools are getting a better idea of what learning will look like when their child returns to the classroom. 

SPS detailed what parents can expect during a webinar on Tuesday. 

Middle and high school students in Spokane Public Schools are scheduled to return on March 1. For high school students, class will start at 8:00 a.m. and end at 2:55 p.m.

Students will be divided into two groups and they’ll go to class twice a week, alternating Fridays.

Like other grades, students will be required to fill out a health check each day. Mask wearing will be mandatory, even in passing, hand sanitizer will be provided in classrooms, and all desks will be properly spaced apart. 

Similar to middle schools, high school students will also be assigned seats during lunch. Plans for lunch periods will vary based on which school your child is attending. At Lewis and Clark High, groups will be split in half in order for them to space out. 

Senior Isa Little and her sister, Anna, were forced to leave school last March. Their house became a classroom overnight. Now, nearly a year later, they’ll finally head back to school.

“I was just remembering at the beginning in last March I was so excited to be out of school for six weeks and now it’s like, I want to go back so badly,” said Anna Little, a freshman.

When Anna returns, it will be at Lewis and Clark High, a different school than the one she left.

“A little nervous, but mostly excited because I’m going to get to see all my friends,” Anna said.

Anna and Isa’s mother, Andrea Castillo, is grateful for the extra time they all got to spend together.

“Especially the senior who’s going off to college,” said Castillo. “You know, I never would’ve never had the opportunity to spend this much time with her.”

This new way of learning in-person is going to be an adjustment, but if we’ve learned anything through this pandemic, it’s that we’re all capable of rolling with the punches,

“I just been realizing doing the best you can during these times is enough and that’s — you should be ok with that,” Isa said.

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