Spokane Public Schools consider boundary changes as class sizes grow

Sps Current Boundary Lines

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Starting next year, some kids will be going to different schools in Spokane.

Spokane Public Schools (SPS) says boundary changes are needed to keep up with the growing number of students and to have smaller class sizes. This kind of change hasn’t been made in more than 40 years.

“Looking at capacity in our schools to accommodate neighborhood students is another reason that we’re looking at school boundary changes,” explained associate superintendent Dr. Mark Anderson.

Because there have been no changes for so long, Anderson says some schools get either overcrowded or under-populated.

Take a look at the map on the right. These are the current boundaries for the six Spokane middle schools — including Shaw, Garry, Sacajawea and others. These lines are going to change.

Three new schools are being built in northeast, northwest and south Spokane. Sixth graders will start going to middle school, rather than staying in elementary.

The proposed boundaries can be seen below.

Sps Proposed Boundary Lines

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Here’s how the boundaries would work — if these maps are approved: if your boundary changes, but you have a 10th–12th grader, 8th or 5th, they stay where they are.

Otherwise, you’ll move, but it depends on your school. Some schools are slated to move students whether they’re new or current. It all depends on the school.

Boundaries will shift for all grade levels.

The percentage of students in the district who will have a future changed assignment at the elementary level is 8%.

SPS says they’re trying to keep students together throughout their 13 years of school.

The district believes the changes will do that as best as possible — however, some students currently in the Mullan Road area would go to Lewis & Clark High School, even though they drive past Ferris on their way there.

A district consultant says SPS wants to make sure that families can get to the schools via something such as public transportation.

Boundary changes for the north side of the district will take effect starting in 2022, and the south side the following school year.

Only some families will see the boundary changes, most of whom are in south Spokane.

You can weigh in through public forums over Zoom on April 16, 19 and 22 at 6:30 p.m.