Spokane Public Schools asks for input on boundary changes

Spokane Public Schools asks for input on boundary changes

Although changes wouldn’t be implemented for several years, parents with young children in Spokane Public Schools need to speak up now about possible school boundary adjustments.

If it all happens, it would be the biggest boundary adjustment in Spokane in 30 years.

The shift comes from a state mandate to lower class sizes to 17 students for every teacher.

Spokane Public Schools says to do that, it will move sixth graders to middle school, and need to build three new middle schools to make room for them.

Voters still have to pass a 2021 school bond to fund those new buildings. But if it does pass, with new schools, would come new boundaries.

The district wants to prepare for that, so it’s formed a committee to look into how to best restructure attendance boundaries when, and if, the new middle schools are built.

The committee is working on guidelines that it will present to the school board in June. But when considering those guidelines, committee members know what matters most is input from the people whose lives will be affected by the way the map is drawn.

“This is an exciting time to be able to think that we could lower class size, put 6th graders in a better environment, but at the same time, changing where kids go to school is an important decision that we want to have parents input on,” said Dr. Mark Anderson, the Associate Superintendent of Spokane Public Shools.

The committee wants to know what families think: What they think is missing from the guidelines, or if there’s anything they disagree with.

Parents with young children are especially encouraged to give their feedback, as the changes wouldn’t go into effect for several years.

To make it convenient for parents to weigh in, the district will hold community forums throughout the next month.

There will be one held at every middle school in the district. All meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the school’s cafeteria.

Here’s the schedule:
Tuesday, April 24th- Chase Middle School
Thursday, April 26th- Salk Middle School
Tuesday, May 1st- Sacajawea Middle School
Thursday, May 3rd- Garry Middle School
Tuesday, May 8th- Glover Middle School
Thursday, May 10th- Shaw Middle School

If you can’t make your neighborhood’s meeting, an online forum will open on April 23rd. Find information on that here.

If the school bond passes and the changes are implemented in the future, these meetings are some of parents’ only chances to have a say in what school their child would be assigned to.

For more information on SPS future planning, check here.