Spokane Public Schools announces updates amid school cancellation

Spokane Public Schools
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SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Public Schools announced various policy updates amid the coronavirus outbreaks in an email sent to parents Sunday night.

March 16 serves as a transition day prior to the closure of schools from March 17 to April 24.

Laptops will be made accessible for check out based on need and availability.

Express child care will be open March 16 and closed from March 17-20. An updated plan for child care beyond March 20 will be released on March 18.

Grab-and-go breakfast and lunch will be provided every weekday at sites beginning March 23.

In terms of graduation requirement, the Class of 2020 has access to Expedited Appeals Waivers, which allow students to waive the requirement to pass both the ELA and the Math Smarter Balanced Assessment.

All state testing has been cancelled for the school year and the state superintendent’s office will grant emergency waivers to allow the end of the school year to occur on June 19 at the latest.

Further information will be provided through email, text, social media, and spokaneschools.org.