Spokane reactivates its cooling plan ahead of hot start to the week

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane has reactivated its cooling plan ahead of a hot start to the week,

Branches from Spokane Public Library will extend operation hours for cooling areas to Tuesday.

Starting tomorrow, people can go to the following locations to cool off:

  • Central Library (906 W. Main St)
  • Shadle Library (2111 W. Wellesley Ave)
  • Liberty Park Library(402 S. Pittsburg St)
  • Hillyard (4110 N. Cook St)

They will open operations from 9 a.m to 8 p.m.  It is part of Spokane’s cooling plan to keep people cool when temperatures reach 95 degrees or higher in consecutive days.

“We are again activating the cooling center portion of the City’s hazard sheltering plan to give people who need some relief a place to cool off,” Mayor Nadine Woodward said. “Anyone who needs a place out of the heat is encouraged to spend time in the air conditioning at one of the branches.”

Cooling areas will have drinking fountains, filling stations, restrooms, wifi and more.

Spokane Transit Authority will also grant fare exceptions for those looking to go to cooling areas.

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