Spokane protesters rally against President Trump’s immigration ban

The Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane organized this event and the protestors say they simply cannot be silenced.

Spokane protesters are promoting their stance against President Trump’s immigration ban by cheering “No hate! No fear! Immigrants are welcome here!” at the Lincoln statue downtown.

“I think its un-American. I think we all feel and myself as well feel the fact that this executive order came down on Holocaust Remembrance Day and those who do not remember their history may repeat it,” said protester, Sarah Brotherton. “America is built on immigrants, illegal immigrants for that matter, I don’t believe blanket bans on immigration are going to keep us any safer.”

“I’m waiting for Republicans to take leadership and stand up for all Americans. The Statue of Liberty is crying right now,” said Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart. “A religious test is the wrong thing to do. It’s immoral, cruel and I stand against it. I think its absolutely awful.”

President Trump has defended the order saying its about stopping terrorism not about religion.

“Not a Muslim ban. We are totally prepared. It’s working out very nicely,” said President Trump.

“This election has been wake up call for me. When people don’t make their voices heard and don’t stand up in times of injustice, we condone it and the violence that follows,” said Brotherton.

“We all need to be standing up for each other,” said Stuckart.