Spokane protesters demand full release of Mueller report

Special council Robert Mueller’s report is said to be more than 400 pages long but right now, the American public is only seeing a four page summary.

Holding signs outside the Federal building in downtown Spokane, more than 100 proterters joined hundreds of other demonstrations around the country Thursday including one outside the white house.

“All people should be concerned about what’s going on in the country. For the country’s sake,” said Cynthia Hamilton, who helped organize the Spokane protest. “Russia is not our friend.”

Attorney General William Barr said the report does not conclude the president committed a crime — but it doesn’t exonerate him. Barr said he plans to make the report public, but needs time to scrub classified information which could jeopradize other ongoing federal investigations.

One protester said, “The question is, what is is he going to redact? Is he going to redact only sensitive information that should not be released, or is he going to redact anything that may make the president look bad?”

Many protesters hope members of congress will get their hands on the unredacted version.

It’s not just democrats who support releasing the findings, many republicans including Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers believe the public should see the report.

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