Spokane priests on COVID vaccines: Science and religion are hand in glove

St Aloysius Church Spokane
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SPOKANE, Wash. — In a new public service announcement, local Jesuit priests say that science and religion do not have to be in conflict with one another. 

Father Tom Lamanna of St. Aloysius Church and Father JK Adams of Gonzaga Prep appeared in the PSA, which was done in partnership with the Washington Department of Health to bring awareness to the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. 

A foundational part of Jesuit teaching is educating the “whole person;” the mind, body and soul. In the video, the local priests encourage the public to “take seriously all the data and all of the science” in regards to vaccinations. 

“Where do fear and anxiety hold us back and where does caution help us to move forward?” Fr. Lamanna asks.

The PSA comes amid calls for more people to get vaccinated as the Delta variant surges across the state and country. Some states, including Washington, have gone as far as to require vaccinations for some employees and teachers. 

In many cases, though, these people are provided religious exemptions.

“It is not accurate to think of science and religion in conflict with each other,” Fr. Adams says in the PSA. “They are hand in glove.” 

Across the country, some Catholic leaders have called on priests to decline religious exemptions. San Diego’s Bishop Robert McElry sent a letter earlier this week calling on pastors to “caringly decline” requests from parishioners seeking a religious exemption endorsement. 

4 News Now has reached out to the Diocese of Spokane for their comment on COVID-19 vaccinations. 

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