Spokane potholes keeping tow truck drivers busy

Spokane potholes keeping tow truck drivers busy

Tow truck drivers have been busy dealing with cars busted by Spokane potholes.

Bryan Caudill runs Frank’s Towing. He’s been all over these Spokane roads, and knows exactly where to find the worst potholes.

“Right now we’re looking at a pothole I pulled my truck into,” said Caudill, as he pointed to one on Wellesley.

“They’re about two feet deep and some of them are deeper,” he said.

And they sure are keeping he and his other drivers busy.

“We’ve been getting tons of calls with cars with flat tires, broken ball joints, broken tie rods, usually when you get one that hits a pot hole it’s usually two tires and not just one,” he said.

Frank’s slogan is “Sorry we had to meet by accident,” something that rings true for Bryan.

“It’s good for our business, but it’s kind of bad for everybody else because our roads are so messed up,” he said.

Bryan says this winter has been a challenge.

“With all the snow and all the ice, it’s been treacherous,”

During heavy snow fall, Frank’s and Inland Towing drivers respond to upwards of thirty calls per day.

“We’ve been really busy,” he said.

First it was the snow, now icy roads and pot holes.

“They call us to come get them out. We’ve probably done a couple hundred already,” he said.

Bryan’s tips may sound simple, but they just may help you avoid meeting these guys “by accident.”

“If you’re clipping around at a pretty good speed, and you hit one of them potholes that’s two feet deep, it will be damage, and you’ll be calling a tow truck.” Caudill said.

“If the speed limit is 30, do 20, that’s what I do,” Caudill said. “Just be very careful out there and watch the roads.”

Currently, the City of Spokane has pothole patching crews out making repairs 20 hours of the day.

Spokane officials say they are looking forward to making permanent repairs to the roads as soon as the area’s asphalt plants reopen for the construction season in April.