Spokane Police use shell casings from various shooting scenes to identify suspect

Drive By Shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. – Police identified the suspect in several recent shootings by finding matching shell casings at the different scenes. 

Gregory Lynch, 20, was arrested Wednesday in connection to four separate shootings earlier this week. 

The first shooting happened Monday near Dalton and Helena. According to court documents, video surveillance from a neighbor showed someone in a dark-colored SUV shooting another dark-colored SUV. Three shell casings with the headstamp “JAG” and “9mm Luger” were found at the scene. 

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The second shooting happened about 40 minutes later near Knox and Elm. Multiple people reported hearing several shots from a dark-colored SUV. Court records show this was again confirmed by video surveillance. Eighteen shell casings with the headstamp “JAG” and “9mm Luger” were found at the scene. 

The third shooting that night happened just two blocks away from the first. Court records show Gregory sent a Facebook message to a man who lived in the area asking about his location. The man did not respond, but said Gregory showed up knocking at his door about two hours later. 

According to court records, Gregory fired shots from outside of the front door. 

A woman inside the home was struck multiple times. Court records say she is paralyzed from her injuries. 

Police recovered 18 shell casings with the same headstamps as earlier in the night. 

Spokane Police received reports of another shooting Tuesday night. This time, it was near Liberty and Madelia and several callers reported seeing two cars racing in the area. 

A dark-colored SUV was found crashed nearby and the driver ran away from the area. 

A passenger was detained and told officers Gregory was the driver. 

The car was impounded and authorities located several 9mm shell casings. Three of the casings had the headstamp “JAG” and “9mm Luger.” 

Police learned Lynch was at an apartment in West Central Wednesday night. They surrounded the apartment and after three hours, took Lynch into custody. 

Court records show he initially denied being involved in any of the shootings but later said someone in his car had fired shots. He then told police he fired a shot prior to crashing his car. 

Officers talked to Lynch about the matching shell casings from the various scenes. Lynch reportedly told police he purchased the gun on Tuesday, but did not have it Monday. 

“He could not provide any contact information, other than a first name, of the person he bought the gun from,” court records state. 

Lynch then told police he disassembled the gun and tossed it in the river. 

Police arrested Lynch on four counts of drive-by shooting, first-degree assault and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. 

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