Spokane Police: Suspect smashes head on patrol car, says he will blame officers

police lights

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police say a homeless suspect smashed his head against a patrol car while being searched, telling officers he would say that they ran into him.

Officers were investigating a stolen vehicle call Wednesday morning, looking for suspects, when they found an illegal homeless camp on the south side of the Spokane River, near Spokane Community College.

They determined that the people there had no connection to the incident they were investigating, so they informed them of the ‘No Camping’ signs nearby and told them to pack up.

One of the campers, identified as 29-year-old Sam Durkee, was put in handcuffs as he tried to leave. Officers ran his name and found a felony warrant from the Department of Corrections of second-degree assault.

Durkee was then arrested, and while officers were searching him, he reportedly slammed his head into the driver’s side of the patrol car, denting it. Durkee then told them he would say they ran into him on purpose.

An officer then reminded him he was wearing a body camera and recording the entire thing.

Durkee was booked into the Spokane County Jail on his DOC warrant, as well as second-degree malicious mischief for damages to the police car.