Spokane Police still searching for driver accused of hitting a man, leaving him to die

Michael Donahey was killed in a hit and run crash on Spokane Falls Blvd

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police are still trying to figure out who hit a man in downtown Spokane earlier this week, then left him to die.

The family of Michael Donahey is also desperate for answers.

In the wake of tragedy, his family says they’re thankful for the young woman who pulled over to protect Donahey from other oncoming cars after he was hit. They say she also held his hand during those final moments.

“Life is a gift, for sure,” said Ed Helman, Donahey’s uncle.

And Michael Donahey was a gift to friends and family around him.

“Michael was a very kind-hearted guy. He was a good brother, he was a good uncle, he was my best friend growing up.”

Living on the street, life wasn’t always easy and Donahey didn’t have much.

“People would give him things and then he would give those to people who needed them worse than he did and that’s just the kind of heart he had,” Helman said.

Michael was crossing Hamilton Street at Spokane Falls Boulevard. He was in a crosswalk but police say he did not have the right of way. The driver who hit him never stopped.

“It made me sick to my stomach,” said Helman. “The tragic thing is someone hit him and left the scene and he’s out on the road.”

Digging through old family photos, Donahey’s uncle is reminded of lighter moments.

“Back in the 80s is when we went to a Halloween party dressed up like girls and I would never do that, ever again,” said Helman.

No arrests have been made yet. Police did find what they believe to be a car the suspect was driving less than a quarter mile from the scene.

According to a search warrant, investigators are running DNA tests to find out who was behind the wheel.

It’s an answer that will bring much needed closure to Donahey’s family.