Spokane Police Sgt. named Washington’s first female law enforcement liaison

Sgt Teresa Fuller
Credit: Target Zeo

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police Sergeant Teresa Fuller is Washington’s first female law enforcement liaison. 

Fuller has been with SPD for 23 years and was recently named a law enforcement liaison officer. 

The National Law Enforcement Liaison program was created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Governors Highway Safety Administration to help promote national and state highway safety. 

In her role, Fuller will coordinate SPD’s participation with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission to address behavioral traffic safety issues like speeding, distracted driving and impairment. 

“I want to preach the word of the bigger picture when it comes to traffic safety and how much it impacts our systems,” Fuller said. “Traffic safety affects everyone, and there is something everyone can do to make our roads safer.” 

Fuller is no stranger to traffic safety and education. During her time with SPD, she became a car seat technician and has provided personal instruction to new parents and caregivers about proper child car seat safety. 

“I think that’s where my passion for traffic safety started, from doing the car seat safety checks. It was a clear way of seeing you were helping people, even saving kids’ lives, potentially,” Fuller said. 

Fuller says it is an “honor” to be Washington’s first woman named to the position.