Spokane police search for a killer

Spokane police search for a killer

UPDATE: Spokane police released a composite sketch of a person of interest in the homicide investigation. If recognize this person, whether male or female, please contact Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.

Spokane police search for a killer

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The Spokane County Medical Examiner have identified 59-year-old Danette Kane as the woman who was shot to death at the Westview Manor apartment building Tuesday evening.

Tenants at the complex say she owned the building and that the second victim was the manager of the apartments. He was shot in the head and is in critical condition.

Kane’s son said he was with his mother at the apartment building when the shooting happened. The two were supposed to leave Tuesday morning to travel to Montana but decided to stay in Spokane because of the bad weather.

Rick Schmidt has called Westview Manor home for eight years and says a shooting is something you never think will happen on your street, let alone outside of the place you live.

“This is a really peaceful neighborhood,” said Schmidt.

When he returned from work Tuesday, he thought something had happened at a house down the block.

He explained, “I didn’t know anything till this morning at all. I didn’t even know that it was at these apartments, let alone that i knew the person.”

Rick is talking about one of his closest friends, Mike, a hardworking manager at Westview Manor, who was shot in the head Tuesday near the buildings carport. The buildings owner, found dead in the stairwell outside of her apartment.

“Just regular people. The woman is the owner and the gentleman is the manager of this apartment, a good friend of mine, I’ve known him for about thirty years,” Schmidt said of the victims.

He knows what it sounds like, it was probably an angry tenant. But Rick says no one that lives at Westview Manor matches the description given by police.

A black man or woman between the ages of 30 and 35.

Occasionally, some unfamiliar faces do pop up though.

“This is private property and often people will be counseled to not come down here, a lot of people want to come and appreciate the view,” he said.

Despite the shooting yesterday, Schmidt says he isn’t living in fear.

Rick said, “I’m not afraid of the neighborhood. I lived up the street for twenty years prior to this. I’m concerned they haven’t found her yet. It’s my understanding that someone saw the person take off that way.”

That way was toward the beautiful view where Spokane police officers and their K9’s retracing their steps, making sure they missed nothing as they search for a killer .

If you have any information on Tuesday’s shooting at Westview Manor, you are asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233 and reference case number 20249481.