Spokane Police respond to at least 66 crashes in first day of fall snowstorm

SPOKANE, Wash. — We knew it was coming, and it only took a few hours for the snow to start sticking on roads. 

Between noon and 8 p.m., Spokane Police responded to 66 vehicle collisions. That’s not including crashes in the country, or on I-90. 

A Washington State trooper was making a traffic stop when a third car crashed into them. The trooper had to be extricated and suffered non-life threatening injuries. Police say the driver who caused the crash was believed to be under the influence. 

He’s being investigated for possible vehicular assault. 

North Idaho was hit hard, too. Residents in Coeur d’Alene should expect a full city plow. It could take several days for residential streets to get cleared. 

“Once we get 3-4 inches, that’s typically once we’ve cleared the arterials, that’s when we will move into our residential neighborhoods and start clearing. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be as much but if we need to that is what we will do,” Todd Feusier, director of Streets and Engineering Department for the City of Coeur d’Alene.  

Spokane City plows were out Friday afternoon, trying to keep up. 

One car crashed into a stone wall near Rockwell Boulevard. The driver found himself up against a telephone pole, driving down the Freya hill, and needed a tow truck to get out. 

The heavy snow didn’t just affect roads. It stuck to trees, which still have most of their leaves. The combined weight was too much for one at Sherman and Hartson in East Central Spokane. It landed on some telephone lines, partially blocking the road. 

Snow crews will be working through the night to sand, de-ice and plow roads. The snow is forcing trees to fall. The City wants you to report those to 311. If power lines are involved, you’re asked to call Avista.

You can keep track of power outages HERE.