Spokane police officer saves woman from burning car

Spokane police officer saves woman from burning car

A Spokane woman is calling a local police officer her angel after pulling her from the flames and it’s all caught on camera.

Spokane police officer Tim Schwering’s body cam video shows him smashing this car window open with his baton frantically trying to save a woman trapped inside her car engulfed in flames.

Kim Novak says she had gone to the store to get ice cream when he hit a pile of slush on the road and her car shut down and she was locked inside.

“I honestly believed I may not make it out of there. I thought I was going to die there and so panic was definitely setting in and I did everything within my power and kicking as hard as I possibly could,” said Kim Novak. “I started dialing 911. Flames were shooting up. It’s happening that fast and I thought it would get me fast too.”

Her neighbor saw the flames and immediately ran to help the officer pull Novak out of the car window.
Miraculously, she made it out with no injuries. The cause of the fire is still undetermined and her car is a total loss. Now, she is thanking who she calls her two angels.

“I was glad I was there to be able to help her,” Officer Schwering said.

Officer Schwering not only helped save Novak’s life, he also brought her ice cream and a bottle of wine the following day.

“I always give him hugs! He is stuck with me for life now,” smiled Novak.