Spokane Police officer under investigation for sexual assault of sheriff’s deputy

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane Police Officer is being investigated for attempted sexual assault of a sheriff’s deputy. Due to a conflict of interest, the Pullman Police Department was asked to investigate, and the Lincoln County Prosecutors Office will handle the case. He could face charges of second-degree attempted sexual assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Since 2018, two Spokane Police Officers have been convicted of rape. Nathan Nash was recently found guilty of rape, and Gordon Ennis was sentenced to seven years in prison for rape.

Before employment with the Spokane Police Department, this officer was a deputy with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. In 2019, he made the move from being a deputy to a police officer, which is when the incident in question happened.

Andrew (Drew) Richmond was placed on administrative leave by SPD as soon as they learned about the alleged conduct, back in July.

According to court documents, Richmond is suing the county for discrimination, claiming he heard a coworker make a racial slur back in 2019. That coworker was placed on administrative leave and ultimately fired.

Recently, an anonymous letter was sent to the SCSO describing the sexual assault of a female deputy. When questioned about the alleged assault that happened three years ago, the deputy confirmed it was true, said it was Richmond, and further described what happened.

Those court documents outline, on his final day with SCSO, Richmond and a female friend went out for drinks to celebrate. Richmond offered the victim a ride home, and they ended up back at her house when Richmond asked for a tour, the documents show.

She intended to play a card game, but when she heard Richmond upstairs, she went up to find him. The documents say he then put department-issued handcuffs on her and began touching her. She told him to stop, and then saw the handcuff key nearby, and used it to free herself. She then ran downstairs and told him to get out, and he left.

SPD shared the following statement:

“SPD is aware of the serious allegations lodged against Officer Andrew Richmond, which stem from an incident occurring prior to his employment with SPD. Richmond was placed on administrative leave as soon as SPD learned of the alleged conduct. In order to ensure an independent and objective investigation, SPD has had no involvement in any of the proceedings.

The case is currently under review by prosecutors, and SPD will monitor their decisions regarding the case.

SPD will conduct an internal investigation once sufficient information is obtained and such investigation can be conducted without jeopardizing the criminal inquiry, which takes precedence over administrative reviews.”

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