Spokane Police: Naked man accused of breaking into house, assaulting homeowner

Police lights

SPOKANE, Wash.– It’s not every day the Spokane Police Department responds to a burglary call involving a naked man, but officers did on Monday.

Officers said it started when a man called 911 to report a break-in around 5:50 p.m. Investigators said when they got there, the homeowner told them there was a man inside the home and this wasn’t the first time he’d seen him.  Police said the homeowner told them the suspect had been standing in his front lawn in just his underwear earlier that day.

The homeowner said he told the man to leave when he saw him in his yard. The man, later identified as 66-year-old John Iles, argued with the homeowner but eventually left, according to investigators.

Later in the day, the homeowner got a call from his daughter saying there was a naked man in their house under their pool table. Investigator said the homeowner went back to the house and saw found out the naked man his daughter saw was Iles.

Police said the homeowner confronted Iles and ordered him to get out of his house. Officers said Iles then assaulted the homeowner.

The homeowner left the house and called the police. When police got to the home they arrested Iles. He now faces a first-degree burglary charge.