Spokane Police: Man taken into custody after nearly 9-hour long standoff

Police Lights

SPOKANE, Wash. — A man accused of burglarizing a home then getting into a standoff with police has been taken into custody.

Police say it started when a caller reported an overnight burglary. The caller told officers she knew the person who broke into her home and where he might be.

That person was Jack Magness, according to police.

Officers say during their investigation they learned Magness was wanted for felony harassment, and a separate full extradition felony warrant out of Idaho. They headed to the location they thought Magness could be to continue their investigation.

Police say once they got there, Magness answered the front door and then immediately slammed it on the officers.

Patrol officers said they immediately set up containment around the home so Magness couldn’t leave. They took that step since Magness was a convicted felon who was wanted on several felony warrants. Spokane Police also called in help from SPD SWAT, the Hostage Negotiation Team, K9, and the UAS Team. Officers got a search warrant for  Magness’ home.

Spokane PD says it used several hours of de-escalation-oriented communication tactics were attempted to include several warnings of potential force options. However, Magness refused to talk to anyone on the scene, police said. Officers say they tried over and over to get Magness to surrender peacefully but he would not cooperate.

Finally, after almost nine hours, K-9 Trace was sent into the home to find Magness. He was found in the attic in a fortified position and was still unwilling to cooperate, police said. Officers say they were able to deploy a chemical agent and take Magness into custody.

The Spokane Police Department says the standoff highlights the importance of K-9 Trace. Trace was able to find Magness in a place where it could have been dangerous for officers to get in/

Police say Magness was taken into custody for his outstanding felony warrants and was charged with fugitive from justice, resisting arrest, and obstructing a law enforcement officer.