Spokane police looking for suspicious man with knife

Spokane police looking for suspicious man with knife
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Photo provided by Spokane Police

The man suspected of standing outside an East Central home with a knife was arrested on Friday, according to the Spokane Police Department.

Police confirmed 29-year-old Colton J Nordlund was taken into custody after several people came forward to identify him.

A stranger standing at your door with a knife would probably have you thinking about moving, too.

You can’t blame Kristen Tesarik for being scared after her and her roommate’s Ring camera caught a man standing at their door with a knife. Taserik said she’s now considering moving.

It happened near Freya and 4th, just south of I-90 near the Fred Meyer.

Tesarik and her roommate weren’t home when they received a notification from their camera about movement on the property.

The video showed the man helping himself onto the property before standing at the door with a knife in hand.

Once was bad enough, but four days later, he was back again.

That time it was less than 10 minutes after Tesarik got home from work.

She said she didn’t notice until about an hour later when she took her dogs out and saw the gate was left open.

After another look at the camera, the man did in fact return for a longer walk around the home.

“You can watch him look through our kitchen windows, and we’re in the kitchen at the time, so he’s looking through kind of trying to see what we’re doing,” Tesarik says.

Nothing was stolen from around the home either time, but police are still investigating this as a trespassing incident.

He’s described as a 35-year-old white man with a medium build. If you recognize him or know where he is, call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.