Spokane Police Guild weighs in on crime, homeless crisis

Spokane Police Guild weighs in on crime, homeless crisis
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In a post on Facebook Thursday night, the Spokane Police Guild weighed in on the city’s crime and homeless crisis writing:

” As officers, but more importantly mothers, fathers, and active members of the Spokane community, we feel compelled to weigh-in on the conversation about whether our city is dying and what needs to be done; we need real solutions and a change from the status quo.

Addiction, mental health, and true homelessness are real issues that must be addressed. We are in full agreement we, as a community, must help those suffering, but we also must remember our other community members: families, students, residents, veterans, and business owners are all important members of our community that must have a voice. Everyone deserves clean parks, safe neighborhoods, and a welcoming and safe downtown free from aggressive individuals who refuse to follow the law. No one should never have to worry about taking their kids to play on swings in a park, walking along a trail, or visiting their favorite restaurant or store.

As a community, we cannot afford blight, high crime rates, businesses leaving the downtown core, high poverty rates, and lack of accountability or consequences for those who commit crimes. Not enough space in jail, officers spending hours on non-bookable misdemeanors, and a revolving door for felons is untenable.

Spokane’s economic vitality is essential. The ineffective hand-outs without accountability is simply not working. We need real solutions for the mental health and addiction issues that continue to plague our city; we cannot continue to keep sweeping them under the rug. Put simply, we cannot follow in the footsteps of Seattle and Portland or our beautiful city will continue to deteriorate. ”

The Spokane Police Guild represents officers below the rank of Sergeant. The police union endorsed Spokane mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward in July.