‘This is amazing’: Spokane Police give bikes to families in need

Spokane PD
Spokane PD Christmas Wheels

SPOKANE, Wash.– Christmas came early for some kids in Spokane.

For a second year, the Spokane Police Department gave away bicycles to families in need. The program is called Christmas Wheels.

The program is growing. Last year, the police department gave away 18 bikes. This year it was able to give away 26. About $3,700 was raised by the community “Back the Blue 509” and the police department’s chaplaincy to buy the bikes.

“Super cool when kids get pretty excited and we get to experience that. It’s like experiencing your kids’ first Christmas all over again,” Officer Mark Brownell said.

For families like Ladonna Richie’s, this program means a lot.

“For them to just show up but not just my family and other families in the community, it’s a blessing. We’re low-income families, we can’t afford a huge Christmas, so for me and my family, this is great this is amazing,” Richie said.

The police department partners with Spokane Public Schools to figure out who the bikes should go to. Students at Spokane Public Schools built the bicycles earlier this week.

Officers delivered some of the bikes while others were picked up at schools.

The police department said it would like to make the event even bigger next year if it can. It wants to put on trainings for kids and have them ride with police officers.

If people would like to donate they can do so by contacting the Spokane Police Chaplaincy Program.

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