Spokane Police Dept. ‘deeply troubled’ by new rape allegations against former cop

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Police Department responded to new rape charges filed against former officer Nathan Nash.

Nash faces charges of unlawful imprisonment and two charges of second-degree rape, both stemming from domestic violence calls he claimed to be “following up” on. Court documents in both incidents say he told domestic violence victims he was investigating their case, then entered their home and raped them or sexually assault them.

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Nash was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail on Wednesday morning for second-degree rape and unlawful imprisonment.

The Spokane Police Department issued the following statement:

“The Spokane Police Department is deeply troubled by a new accusation against Nathan Nash, a former SPD officer. The latest allegation was reported to SPD last month and SPD immediately referred the information to the SCSO for investigation.

“The Spokane Police Department takes these accusations of officer misconduct very seriously. In 2019, when the first allegation was made, Nash was promptly removed from patrol by a supervisor. Nash was escorted to the Public Safety Building where his duty weapon and badge were confiscated and all law enforcement authority revoked. Nash has been separated from employment since the original criminal charges were filed.

“Today, the department echoes Chief Meidl’s statement from 2019, ‘I (we) would like to thank those who showed great courage by coming forward and bringing these allegations to light.’

Because this is an active investigation, any further information will be provided by the SCSO or the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney.”

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