Spokane Police Department sees a rise in applications as other regions struggle

SPOKANE, Wash.– Police departments across the country are struggling to recruit and retain officers, particularly trying to find female officers.

But what’s the city of Spokane seeing when it comes to their police applications?

Unlike other police departments across the country, the Spokane Police Department has seen a continuous stream of applicants over the past years for many reasons, including $5,000 bonuses for entry-level officers.

“Last year, we receive a grant to do recruiting and we really branched out and saw other markets… other areas of the country we both know living in the area… this is an awesome area… great place to live and a great place to work,” said Cpl. Nick Briggs, Public Information Officer, Spokane Police Department.

Briggs said the trend is different in Spokane than in many places in the country when compensation and affordability are issues in hiring.

“Fortunately in Spokane… our applicant number actually increased,” Briggs said.

According to the Spokane Police Department, 414 people applied for jobs with the SPD in 2019, but two years later, in 2021, the number of applicants jumped by more than 300.

Compared to 2019, more than 70 females applied in 2021. However, as of March 2022, out of 341 commissioned officers, only 30 female officers are working.

The SPD added that the challenges they face are similar to other cities with their own unique identity.

“We are a community that has roughly 50% females. it’s important to have a police department that reflects the community, it helps the department connect with that community,” Briggs said.

The SPD officials said they are actively hiring for officers as well as civilian jobs. All the opportunities can be found at HERE.