Spokane Police Chief formally declares Camp Hope a chronic nuisance property

A look inside Camp Hope
A look inside Camp Hope

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl has told the Department of Transportation that Camp Hope is officially being declared a chronic nuisance property.

4 News Now has obtained a letter from Meidl to the state agency, which says SPD has seen an increase in criminal nuisance activity. As a result, Meidl says the department is starting the abatement process and citing crimes in the area.

Meidl says there have been 384 calls for service around the property in the past 56 days.

“For over a year the State was unwilling to indemnify the City of Spokane for clean-up and enforcement action at the Property that the City was willing to perform. The City has exchanged letters and met with the State multiple times in an effort to establish a plan to bring an end to the illegal campsite at the Property,” Meidl writes.

He notes WSDOT, the Commerce Department and State Patrol’s plan to decrease the size and footprint of the homeless encampment, but says the living conditions and impact on the community require immediate action.

“This Chronic Nuisance Notice is the City’s attempt to hold the above parties to an immediate plan and course of action because the drug activity, criminal activity, health hazards, and unfit/substandard living conditions that occur in and around WSDOT’s property are continuous, ongoing, and causing immediate and irreparable harm to the community – as well as those living within the camp allegedly being beaten with hammers, raped, and branded,” Meidle writes.

WSDOT must respond to Meidl within 10 days.

Police Chief letter to WSDOT by Erin Robinson on Scribd

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