Spokane Police chief claims SPS isn’t following mandatory reporting procedure with threats, assaults at schools

Spokane Public Schools

SPOKANE, Wash.– The Spokane Police Department and Spokane Public Schools are at odds over whether or not school district employees are following the right protocol when reporting assaults and threats.

On Friday, Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl sent Spokane Public Schools Superintendent Adam Swinyard a letter about it. Meidl said it was brought to his attention that “incidents falling under RCW 26.44.030 (“Duty to Report”) have occurred on Spokane Public Schools’ property without the mandatory notification or reports being filed with the Spokane Police Department.”

Meidl went on to say he started reviewing dozens of police reports when he learned that could be happening.

“It appears there is a pattern of assaults and threats occurring to students and staff that are not following reporting requirements as described in RCW 26.44.040,” he said.

On Monday, the Spokane School District responded to Meidl and said its leadership isn’t aware of any patterns or complaints. School district leaders requested a meeting with the police chief, Mayor Nadine Woodward, City Council President Breean Beggs and City Civil Rights Officer Jerrall Haynes to get things figured out.

In the letter from the school district, leaders wondered why the police department had not said or done anything sooner.

The Spokane Police Department said the assaults and threats that allegedly didn’t go reported by school staff came to light when parents reported them after the fact.

School leaders also said in the letter there had been times when principals had called 911 and not had any officers respond to the school.

SPD said it was only given one example of not responding to a 911 call and in that case, school staff canceled the call while an officer was on the way.

Letter sent to SPS by Tasha Cain on Scribd

SPS Letter to Chief Meidl by Tasha Cain on Scribd