Spokane police brush up on lifesaving skills

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Police Department took some officers off the streets today to practice skills that will help them save more lives.

A lot of the time, police are the first to arrive on scene at medical emergencies. They usually get there faster than the fire department and EMS, which makes their roles essential in saving lives. In deadly events, every minute matters.

“It’s incredibly vital, especially in trauma,” said Paul Buchmann, an officer with the Spokane Police Department. “Every second counts.”

Friday’s training focused mostly on CPR, AED and trauma treatment. Getting to brush up on these skills helps officers feel more prepared and calm for when real-life events happen.

“It just gives us more confidence when we respond to calls that we can deal with anything whether it’s a crime, a victim or somebody needing some type of medical attention,” said Erin Blessing, a corporal with the Spokane Police Department.

About 50 officers were in Friday’s training. These training take place four times a year and cover a wide variety of topics. In-depth training is something the department heavily invests in to keep their officers up-to-date on the the best practices in the field.

“We train so much. It’s just a very high functioning police department,” Blessing said. “It just gives us as officers more to offer to the public.”