Spokane Police Arrest two suspects following string of purse snatching incidents

Spokane Police Arrest two suspects following string of purse snatching incidents

UPDATE: 18-year old Katie Kinney and 20-year old Trystan Clark are each being held on a $250,000 bond.

UPDATE: Spokane Police have made two arrests following multiple purse snatching incidents outside of retail stores on Saturday. Additional suspects may still be at large.

18-year old Katie Kinney and 20-year old Trystan Clark were arrested by Sunday morning and charged with four counts of robbery, (two counts of first degree robbery in the first degree and two counts of second degree robbery). Additional charges may be added.

Spokane Police say they were able to locate the vehicle involved near the 600 block of East Houston Avenue in Northeast Spokane. A search of a home near where the car was located produced property taken from the incidents.

If you have any information, please call Crime Check at 456-2233.

ORIGINAL STORY: Spokane Police are looking for three white males who they say are targeting women walking in retail parking lots, and trying to steal their purses from a car.

The Police Department is currently investigating three separate incidents in which officers say a silver Ponitac G6 car with three men inside will drive up next to a female victim and one will reach out to steal her purse.

All three incidents have involved a physical struggle as the woman tried to fight back, and according to SPD Officer Nick Briggs, at least one victim fell to the ground and was nearly run over.

The suspects appear to circle parking lots for several minutes before choosing a victim and approaching.

One incident happened in North Spokane on the 6500 block of N. Nevada St, a block that has an Albertsons on it.

Another happened on the 9200 block of Nevada, near a WinCo Foods in the area of the Northpointe Plaza.

Another happened in South Spokane on the 4900 block of S. Regal, a block with a PetSmart, a T-Mobile, and a Target.

SPD did not clarify which parking lots the attempted robberies happened at, but said, “the incident locations have all been retail stores with large parking lots.”

SPD is actively working to “identify and apprehend” the suspects, and asks anyone with information to contact Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

Officer Briggs also added, “SPD wants everyone to be safe, please be vigilant of your surroundings, park in lighted areas if possible, and report behavior that appears suspicious.”

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office says they investigated a purse snatching incident at the Spokane Valley Walmart, located on Sprague Avenue. They added that while the crime seemed similar to the multiple incidents in Spokane, they would not confirm if the same suspects and vehicle were involved.