Spokane Police arrest suspect after Eagle Ridge stand-off

Spokane Police arrest suspect after Eagle Ridge stand-off

42-year old Douglas Lampi’s brother-in-law said he had been out checking on his mother and father-in-law’s home this morning as they were out of town.

When he arrived, he noticed someone in the home and immediately knew it was his brother-in-law as this has happened before. He phoned his in-laws who called police.

Removing him took effort from police. They knew there were weapons in the house and wanted to keep neighbors, Lampi and officers safe.

Lampi did not want to speak with police. They used several flash bangs and made announcements over speakers.

It wasn’t the Sunday morning residents on Moran View Street were expecting, as Spokane Police SWAT officers responded to a occupied burglary call. After a three hour stand-off, Spokane Police arrested Lampi and charged him with residential burglary and domestic violence.

Kyle Sundin lives next door to the house where the suspect refused to leave. He was getting up with his young children when he noticed a SWAT truck parked right outside his home.

“I was opening up my windows and I saw the police cars out front and I thought, ‘oh this is happening again,'” said Sundin.

He said his quiet block has seen its fair share of cop cars in recent months as his next door neighbors deal with their troubled son.

Spokane Police Officer Joshua Laiva explained, “a similar incident occurred here in September resulting in similar charges for the same suspect.”

“He’s not supposed to be staying at the house and this is the second time he’s gained access to the house and they’ve had to remove him,” added Sundin.

After three hours, Spokane Police entered the home by taking off a garage door. On the other side was Lampi.

Officer Laiva said, “today was a success. With the weapons in the house, none of that was used and we were able to get the suspect out of the house and in to custody.”

For Sundin, it was the ending he hoped for.

“I was a little scared, I didn’t want to hear gunshots especially with the kids so I’m glad it ended peacefully,” he shared.