Spokane Police arrest man accused of stealing catalytic converter

catalytic converter theft
Courtesy: Spokane Police

SPOKANE, Wash – Spokane Police made a dent in the recent rise in catalytic converter thefts, with the arrest of a man on Friday.

Police have been looking for Kennard Supak since late March, when they say he stole a catalytic converter from a store parking lot in North Spokane.

Witnesses saw two men sitting in a truck, then saw one of them get out of the truck and heard the sound of metal being cut from under the car.

Witnesses provided a description of the truck. They developed probable cause to arrest Supak on multiple charges, including theft and trafficking in stolen property.

Police arrested Supak Friday morning and seized the truck. They say he has six previous felony convictions.

Officers are looking for a second suspect in the case, but they have not released a name or description.

Police cited a rise in these catalytic converter thefts in Spokane, saying in this case, it cost the victim $2,800 to repair.

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