Spokane Parks Foundation ramps up fundraising efforts for dog park in Riverfront Park

SPOKANE, Wash. — Soon, there’ll be a new place in downtown Spokane where your four-legged friend can run around.

Travis Blanchard’s dog, Stevie Nicks, would appreciate a brand new dog park.

“I think it’s very important to have a dog park for socializing for my dog,” Blanchard said.

The City of Spokane has one official dog park at High Bridge. There’s also a dog park on the South Hill, but it’s not owned by the city.

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The Spokane Parks Foundation says it’s been trying to raise money since 2018 to give dogs another place to run around.

“The one thing that we knew was going to be necessary as people become more urban dwellers, is to have a space for our furry friends to gather with their people,” said Terri Fortner of the Spokane Parks Foundation.

“I think another one centrally located would be great. A great resource for people who don’t have yards and don’t have a fence and to socialize their dog. Very important,” said Jennifer Gwynn, who is fostering a dog.

The Spokane Parks Foundation needs $750,000 to build the dog park. So far, $250,000 has been raised.

It’s taken a few years for that money to come in. Gwynn says the fundraising efforts have gained momentum recently.

“We knew that it would take a special partner, and we’re not in a position right now to announce who that special partner is. That’s coming very soon,” Fortner continued. “But, we knew that it was going to take a very special community partner to lead the campaign. As we finalize those details, we felt like it was time now to go out into the community and open it up to everyone.”

Brick West Brewing Co. held an event to help get dogs and cats adopted as well as raise money for the dog park.

The park will be located across the river from the Centennial Hotel, north of the Lilac Bowl, around the forestry shelter.

“The dog park will be built around that, so during inclement weather or very hot weather, during the summertime, there will be places for shelter, there’ll be water there, there’ll be restrooms. There’s a whole big plan to redevelop this space and make it meaningful and make it a destination for people,” Fortner said.

The goal is to break ground in the spring and have the dog park done by next fall, she said.

“It’s a bold plan, and we’ve got to really work hard to get there,” Fortner said.

Brick West Brewing will have plush dog toys to buy for $20. A hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the foundation to help build the dog park. To find out how to help in other ways, click here.

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