Spokane organization celebrates refugee resettlement efforts

Spokane organization celebrates refugee resettlement efforts
Two Congolese refugees pose with a friend at a resettlement celebration. 

World Relief Spokane transforms the lives of hundreds of refugees each year. The organization brings the refugees to Spokane to help them find a new home and escape violence and persecution.

Sunday, World Relief Spokane held a celebration to mark the 10,000 refugee to be resettled in the area, since the organization opened its doors in Eastern Washington in 1989.

World Relief Spokane Director Mark Finney said the refugee crisis across the globe is historic.

“The need is huge for people to find new opportunities in places like the U.S. where they can come and just have a chance to raise their kids in a place that is safe and they can maybe even get an education,” Finney said.

Shadrack Mungualinipa moved to Washington with his family a few years ago, thanks to support from World Relief Spokane. He’s only 10, but already has a developed appreciation for his newfound freedom and fresh start away from the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“It was about to be war. I’m glad I didn’t go into the war. I’m glad I came here,” Mungualinipa said.

World Relief Spokane has helped refugees resettle in Washington from 48 nations so far.