Spokane officers that killed man who held knife to child won’t face charges

Spokane Police Release Body Footage In Shooting Of Man Holding Knife To Child

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office determined that two Spokane Police officers were justified in the use of deadly force against a man who held a knife to a child.

On January 24, 2022, Cpl. Brandon Lynch and Officer Corrigan Mohondro responded to a call from a neighbor that said her son was dead.

Upon arrival, officers were contacted by Brenda Kamo, who said her son, Peterson Kamo, “got the baby and that he was going to kill the baby and then himself.”

Cpl. Lynch and Officer Mohondro approached the entrance and saw Kamo run upstairs carrying a can of flammable liquid with him. Kamo told the officers he would light the fuel he had poured on the floor.

Cpl. Lynch and Officer Mohondro then went upstairs and confronted Kamo in a bedroom, who had a knife towards the right side of the child’s head.

Fearing that Kamo would stab the child, both Lynch and Mohondro fired their weapons, killing Kamo.

The investigation states that Kamo was armed with a large knife, and that the liquid substance on the carpet was flammable. Police were also advised that Kamo intended to kill the baby and then himself.

Because of this, the deadly use of force was authorized, and officers had an objective good faith in the correctness of their actions.

No criminal charges will be filed against Cpl. Lynch and Officer Mohondro.

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