Spokane officers kill armed domestic violence suspect

Spokane officers kill armed domestic violence suspect

UPDATE: The Spokane Investigative Regional Response Team is now investigating the shooting.

Spokane Police Officers shot and killed an armed man while responding to a domestic violence call on the South Hill Sunday night.

Police responded to a call for help around 12:30 a.m. in a neighborhood near 59th Avenue and South Mt. Vernon Street.

Because domestic violence calls can be very emotionally charged, officers will turn off their lights, park a couple of houses down the street, and then walk in to get a lay of the land without getting everybody all fired up.

The first city officer on scene was doing just that, when heard the sounds of gunfire. Nearby residents were awakened by the sounds of what they thought were fireworks.

“Shortly after 12:30, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a complainant that her ex-boyfriend was outside the residence armed with a firearm,” said Chief Craid Meidl, Spokane Police Department. “She actually did report that he fired a round even before the officers were dispatched.”

Even though the victim lives in Spokane County, city police headed to the call because her ex-boyfriend, who has been identified as 53-year-old Daniel Craven, was already shooting his gun in this residential neighborhood.

“When one officer was on scene, he did hear what sounded like a firearm being discharged in the vicinity of the location that they had been dispatched to. Shortly after that one of the officers put out over the air that shots had been fired.”

It’s not clear what Craven did that made officers feel deadly force was justified. The man was shot two houses down the street from where the victim lives. Craven is suspected of trashing the woman’s garden, tearing up her yard decorations, and newly planted shrubs.

“You know, it’s a domestic violence call, those are one of the most common calls we go to, they are also one of the most dangerous calls we go to,” Meidl said.

At least one of the bullets fired on this call tore through a neighbor’s garage door. It was at least the second time that Craven was suspected of damaging the victim’s property.

“You know emotions run high in domestic violence calls and in this situation, it sounds like it was an ex-boyfriend,” said Meidl.

Chief Meidl said two of his officers fired at the suspect. Whether Craven pointed his gun or actually fired at the officers won’t be known until they are formally interviewed.