Spokane non-profit pays it forward with huge feminine hygiene donation

Project Beauty Share
Project Beauty Share Executive Director Julie Farley poses with Laura Lawton from Lawton printing in front of donated hygiene products from Poise

SPOKANE, Wash – A generous donation from a feminine hygiene company has allowed a local non-profit to provide products to women in need in Spokane and beyond.

Poise held a Tell-a-Thon last fall, asking three social media influencers to share how their bodies changed after having kids, and how many of them turned to Poise products for periods and bladder leaks.

For every comment shared on those social streams, Poise committed to donating two boxes of One by Poise to an organization that serves women in need.

When it came time to allocate the $1 million worth of products, Poise reached out to Project Beauty Share in Spokane.

Project Beauty Share is Spokane-based non-profit that provides hygiene and beauty products to non-profits that serve women and families overcoming homelessness, poverty and abuse.

Last year, the organization donated more than 85,000 pounds of products to women and families, valued at nearly $3 million.

“Feminine hygiene is the number one item we always get asked for from all the organizations, and we never get enough,” said Project Beauty Share Executive Director Julie Farley.

So, the call from Poise was a huge gift. The real challenge: where to store all that product.

“I, of course, said yes,” Farley said. “Then you panic later.”

Project Beauty Share was able to store 28 pallets of the pads in the Lawton Printing warehouse in east Spokane, thanks to a relationship with company president Laura Lawton.

Most of the pallets here will go to local non-profits, including Our Place Community Outreach in west-central Spokane.

“We’re able to help women in need and high schoolers with feminine products,” said Tracie Swanson, director of Our Place. “Often they can’t go to work or they’re absent from school because of these items they need.”

Farley also reached out to Northwest Harvest, which was able to provide Poise products to food banks and organizations in central and western Washington.

Then, she called Feeding America, which has a network of 200 food banks nationwide.

Thanks to Project Beauty Share, Feeding America distributed pallets of pads to food banks in Jacksonville, Florida; El Paso, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and Hauppauge, New York.

“Families who face hunger often struggle to afford basic non-food household essentials, such as personal care products,” said Vickie Johnson, Senior Coordinator Supply Chain at Feeding America. “Donations from companies like Poise help to ensure that people who face hunger do not have to make tough choices between food and other critical household goods.”

Here in Spokane, Farley said she can see the impact of this donation immediately.

“We just had an agency pick up this morning and they were requesting items for an older woman she served and I said, you know what – we just got 28 pallets so I think we can help you.”

For more information about the mission of Project Beauty Share, visit this link.

DISCLAIMER: The author of this article is 4 News Now News Director Melissa Luck. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Project Beauty Share. 

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