Spokane NAACP Vice President arrested for domestic violence

SPOKANE, Wash. — Le’Taxione is a former gang member, but since being released last year, he’s been part of community events and became a member of the NAACP board this year.

That was quickly taken away after his arrest.

Ernest Carter — or Le’Taxione — was marked as a “three-strikes” offender for the many crimes he was convicted of more than 20 years ago. Charges included a 1983 conviction for assaulting a police officer in California, a 1990 conviction for attempted murder with a firearm in Oregon, and two counts of first-degree robbery in Tacoma in 1997 and 1998. He was sentenced to life in prison, before Governor Inslee cut that sentence down and ordered him to be released last year.

Le’Taxione became an activist in Spokane, organizing N’STEP, a group aimed at stopping gang violence and mass incarceration.

Now, he’s in the Spokane County Jail.

Court documents say Le’Taxione got mad about not being able to find a cheeseburger or the keys to his car — he’s accused of assaulting his girlfriend for an hour. Documents say he hit, choked and bit her.

Le’Taxione was appointed a Vice President of the NAACP more than six months ago.

Following his arrest, the NAACP’s new president being sworn in Monday night, Kiantha Duncan, issued the following statement:

“This is absolutely unfortunate however in no way will I ever condone these types of actions toward another human being.

In every moment each of us are presented with a set of choices, and our selection determines the consequence or reward that follows.

The NAACP knew of Le’Taxione history, however we welcomed him in his efforts to be a productive citizen and community member as he had demonstrated since his release.

We have removed him from any leadership in our organization, yet we will not turn our back on him as a member of this community.

Le’Taxione was in a position to really do great work around gang violence, and I would not want the youth in our community to suffer as a result of these actions.

As a longtime Domestic Violence Advocate, in no way does our organization now nor will it ever support violence against another human being. Equally as important, however we can support the victim of this alleged crime, we are committed to doing so.”

Le’Taxione is being held on a half-million dollar bond, and is expected to appear back in court next week.