Spokane musician joins countrywide ‘Taps’ Memorial Day celebration

SPOKANE CO., Wash. — Musicians around the country played Taps to honor U.S. veterans on Memorial Day, including a local trumpet player.

At 3 p.m. sharp, Tim Carpenter dusted off his trumpet and joined others around the U.S. for ‘Taps Across America.’
“I’ve got trumpet player friends in California, New York, Florida, Kansas, Tulsa and Lousiana and we’re all doing this today, it’s just an honor,” Carpenter said of the experience.

The short performance made some passersby stop and listen—others requested he play the national anthem and ‘God Bless America.’ Carpenter said he was happy to oblige.

“It’s an honor to be here and it’s great to be in a great city like Spokane,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter says he hopes ‘Taps Across America’ will become a national movement, and something that musicians will do every Memorial Day.