Spokane mom who made history on ‘American Ninja Warrior’ to appear on Kelly Clarkson Show

A Spokane woman and the first mom to complete an American Ninja Warrior course will appear on the Kelly Clarkson Show come Wednesday.

Five years of training and four serious injuries later, and Sandy Zimmerman landed a spot in American Ninja Warrior history.

“We needed a mom up that wall and I was so thrilled that I got to be that mom,” said Zimmerman.

The 42-year-old PE teacher had never heard of the show until she was channel surfing with her son. She wanted to know if she had a shot against the obstacles, she said.

There was just one problem: There isn’t a ninja warrior gym in Spokane.

So, Zimmerman asked her husband to build one in the backyard of their South Hill home.

It started with a salmon ladder, and grew to 40 obstacles.

“You just can’t help yourself. It’s like an addiction,” said Zimmerman. “So you want another obstacle and another obstacle.”

Zimmerman isn’t the only competitive one in the family. In fact, two of her kids have competed in Ninja Warrior Junior.

“When you do something incredible, it’s because you’ve got a team of people behind you and I had my family support, my friend support, the community here in Spokane,” said Zimmerman.

It was her story and strength that caught the eye of producers on the Kelly Clarkson Show. The episode airs at 4 p.m. Wednesday on 4 News Now.

Zimmerman also offers classes at her south hill course. For more information, click here.