Spokane mom turns love of making baby food into a business

Parents always want to give their kids the best, but sometimes it can be easier to grab a jar of baby food at the supermarket than to make it yourself.

One local mom is hoping to make it easier for others to grab fresh-made baby food at a different price.

Kate Milne is a 31-year-old mom of one. Her 16-month-old daughter, Porter, loves to eat.

“I started making food for Porter when she started on solids and I absolutely loved it. I thought it was so much fun,” Milne said.

The hobby of sorts started a year ago when she began introducing solids to Porter. She remembers picking up a book that promised three months of baby food in three hours. She got right to work in her home kitchen.

“I really wanted her to taste food for what it is, not food that’s been sitting in a jar for I mean, who knows… those baby foods in jars in the stores are good up to two years,” said Milne.

It went almost too well.

“I wanted to make more, that was the thing. And I just kept making more,” she added.

That is how the idea of making it into a business came to be — that and her freezer could only hold so much.

The only problem was, where to make all this baby food. Cooking for the masses can’t always be done on the kitchen counter.

Milne heard about Kitchen Spokane, a non-profit that gives local food entrepreneurs use of facilities to perfect their skills and dishes. Milne uses their kitchen located behind the NorthTown Mall food court.

“I test everything I make because if it’s not good, I don’t want to feed it to Porter,” said Milne.

As Porter continues to grow, the Fresh Kids Foods menu evolves. Pure purees are for babies just starting to try solid foods. Chunky blends are those a few months older ready for more flavor, texture and taste. They contain things like power grains. Tiny finger meals are for babies who are wanting to feed themselves, that’s where Porter is now.

Don’t worry, though. The pure purees that started it all won’t be going anywhere. The Milne family has another baby on the way.

“Right now I’m just having so much fun knowing that what I gave Porter I can give to moms and dads that don’t necessarily have time to provide this to their kids but they want to,” said Milne.

If you’d like to learn more or place an order with Fresh Kids Foods, click here.

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